As a result of the transition to IFRS 17, some insurers may have requested filing extensions on data that OSFI publicly discloses. Please note that some FI data may therefore be missing and aggregate totals may be incomplete for the foreseeable future. OSFI will refresh its’ financial data web page once all filings have been received.

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All publicly available financial data as filed by federally regulated property and casualty insurance companies are available free of charge from the Beyond 20/20 Web site.

Industry Totals: Please note that to determine total industry data, you must add “Total Canadian P&C”, “Total Foreign P&C” and “Total Canadian Mortgage Insurers”.
(Up to and including Q4 2017, “Total Canadian P&C Companies” industry total included Canadian mortgage insurers’ data.)
(Effective Q1 2018, to determine “Total Canadian P&C Companies” industry data, you must add “Total Canadian P&C” and “Total Canadian Mortgage Insurers”.)

(For 2023 reporting year, insurers with a December fiscal year-end will begin filing the new IFRS 17 return versions effective Q1 2023 and insurers with an October fiscal year-end are required to continue filing the existing P&C returns until they implement IFRS 17 effective with their Q1 2024 filing period. As a result of this transition year, total industry and Total Canadian P&C data may not be available.)

Data aggregated under "Total Canadian P&C Companies" do not include data reported by P&C companies that are subsidiaries of other P&C companies, since these data are already accounted for in the consolidated data reported by the parent companies.

Third-Party Information Liability Disclaimer

For periods beginning in fiscal 2023 (January 2023 for calendar year-ends; November 2023 for October year-ends) Financial data for insurers reflect IFRS 17 insurance contract accounting and prior periods reflect IFRS 4.

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